90 Day Growth Guarantee Policy

Enhancing your lashes or brows is a gradual journey, and instant results are not to be expected. Additionally, individual responses to our products may vary, with some experiencing quicker outcomes from the active ingredients while others may notice slower progress.

How to Make a Guarantee Claim

If you've diligently followed our recommendations for 90 days, you qualify for our 90-Day Guarantee! To initiate a refund request, simply follow these four steps:

  1. Capture a photo of your eyelashes/eyebrows on the day of your initial application, including a visible time stamp.
  1. Complete 30 consecutive days of application and document it with a time-stamped photo.
  1. Continue the process for 60 and 90 consecutive days, capturing photos with time stamps.
  1. Send an email to info@lashalchemy.com.au with the three time-stamped photos attached.

Please allow up to 3 business days for your application to be reviewed and processed. Once processed, you will receive an email notification.

Please note: Our 90-Day Guarantee is exclusively applicable to online customers who make purchases through lashalchemy.com.au