Why you'll love us.

Hand crafted and bought to you by one of Melbourne's leading Lash Lift Artist, we created the products that needed a space within this industry.

With our serum creating the bang you need in your lashes and brows; whilst containing no steroids and no prostaglandins; so you can get the lashes of your dreams, without any risk.

Our Everlasting Y Tool; the first reusable Y Tool on the market for Lash Lift artist that want to half their Lash Lifting time, and save the environment all in one breath.


What our customers say

" I can't believe the results its only been 4 weeks and my lashes are already looking and feeling so much healthier, longer and full. This is magical thanks soooo much "

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Everlasting Y-Tool

The game changing eyelash tool for lash artists and enthusiasts.

Ditch the plastic. Help the planet. Lift Sustainably.

Ditch the Plastic
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